"I was introduced to Arica by a colleague just a few short months after launching my LA showroom in October 2016. We hit it off right away and have been working together for over a year now. As a small business owner, there are many things that I need to focus on in order to grow my business. When I was introduced to Arica I was at a point where I could no longer continue to manage marketing efforts on my own. I wanted to find someone who was professional, experienced and could convey my personal design aesthetic. In the beginning, Arica took on my email marketing efforts and after a few months of positive reaction and exciting growth for my company, I was thrilled to have Arica take on our social media and public relations efforts. Her relationships with the top national design publications as well as local publications in Los Angeles are incredibly valuable.
I know that whenever I need to get something done in a pinch, I can count on Arica to take care of it with seamless execution. Arica's focus is always a few steps ahead and presents ideas from concept to completion. I also love how she continues to come up with new ideas to boost awareness that are smart and present our brand as forward-thinking and aspirational. As I grow my business, it's important for me to have a team of talented individuals who support and compliment my own experience and capabilities. Although Arica has her own team, I always feel extremely well taken care of and know that my projects are in very capable hands.
I look forward to continuing to grow with Arica and I would highly recommend her and her team of savvy experts to anyone in need of sharpening their message, developing a marketing strategy and well as assistance with execution of efforts."
- Una Malan, Una Malan Showroom

 "It was so great seeing you Thursday!! That work session WAS AMAZINGGGG! I'm going to work on filling out everything this week/weekend. Ahh I'm so excited! The work session was so helpful bc it really got me thinking and brainstorming ideas I hadn't really thought of yet."  {after a 2-hour in-person strategy work session}
- Chelsea Von Mach,  Fashion & Celebrity Stylist

"As the owner of a small-but-growing business, I am used to wearing so many hats and thriving growing my company from all angles. However, there did reach a point where although I knew I could spend the time to research how to best market our product and get the word out there, it made much more sense to have someone who already has that expertise guide me and thus be more efficient with my time.
I serendipitously met Arica through a friend who also has her own business, and she has truly been amazing. I started with the monthly marketing coaching sessions to gain clarity on my overall marketing strategy as well as put into place a specific plan of action to make that strategy happen. Before meeting with Arica I just had a million ideas of what I wanted to do, which is fine, but through my sessions with Arica these ideas were pinned down into actionable items.
Arica has a huge knowledge base of what actually works with e-marketing, and so many great ideas on how to get more people to your website and to keep them thinking about your product. She truly listens to and supports your ideas, and even though her input is basically genius, doesn't try to push them when I at first didn't want to adopt them, ha! For example, I was super intent on getting the social media marketing going, and she was telling me how great email marketing can be, which is something I finally realized and am now in the process of really getting into.
So, if you need someone to help you make sense of this crazy world of digital marketing, with specific and real ways to implement action plans, Arica is the gal for you. One of the best parts of her sessions were the recap documents she creates where you have on (digital) paper everything you discussed along with an action plan, in addition to any specific tools or software that may help you. Arica is amazing and I look forward to working with her more in the future!"
- Kristin Kennedy, Ajna Living 

"I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Arica Rosenthal of Written & Styled. As an entrepreneur of an interior design studio in Los Angeles, California, marketing our design, services, and unique experiences for our client's is something that you need to find an expert to support you. Arica's innovative approach helped me understand the ways to market a business not only by traditional means, but also navigate the Wild West of social media, online marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. I always enjoy reading the brand content that Arica sends to her followers. She uses the power of empathy and storytelling to put her readers at ease. It is an honor and privilege to refer Arica to others for not only her marketing knowledge, her steadfast service and follow-up, but the experience that she creates for me and others."
Aaron B Duke, Aaron B Duke Interior Design

"Arica was a wealth of knowledge and intuitively resourceful as we launched a new business from the ground up. On a weekly basis we had a standing meeting and intermittently we would catch-up regarding a host of ideas and frustrations we wanted her guidance for, as well as new ideas she would pepper to us over time. From early on basics to gradually enhancing and optimizing as we matured Arica's breadth of expertise was and still is an unbelievably valuable resource. Without reservation we would recommend Arica!!" 
- Oren Kiriat, MPH, BeWell MedSpa

"Arica is a unique and highly talented marketing professional. Her work ethic, determination, unswerving dedication to excellence, diverse skill set, and eagerness to learn, make her a prized associate. She is a team player who brings a confident, creative and solution minded attitude to the office every day. Her friendly personality, sharp humor, and humble ways help create a dynamic work environment in which everyone feels comfortable. I would recommend Arica to any company interested in an articulate communicator, excellent researcher, organized department manager with focus and "fire in the belly" enthusiasm, and someone who can and will measurably advance herself and the organization. An extremely fast learner, Arica is able to grasp and disect complex problems and offer solutions that are implementable and achievable. It would be my distinct pleasure to work with her again." (YMI Jeans, Vice President of Marketing)
- Deke Jamieson, NDJ Consulting Group, Inc.

“Quality work, great work ethic! Thank you very much, Arica”
- Jeff Chen,

"Working with Arica has been great. Arica is results driven, motivated, and she is always looking at ways to improve marketing campaigns. I’ve been impressed by the attention to detail that she puts into each project. Arica brings a level of experience that is unmatched as she is always looking for ideas and strategies to increase results. Arica has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to measuring ROI with different marketing verticals which include company branding, e-mail, social media, SEO, and traditional marketing. I would highly recommend Arica for any marketing campaign or position." (Planet Green Recycle)
- Kelly Krigs, CAS, Inc

"Arica is one of the most dedicated, organized and pleasant marketing directors I've had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend her and hope to work with her again." (Salsa Fits My Life)
- Nikki Nolan, Nikki Nolan Showroom

"I had the pleasure to work closely with Arica and she is truly a sharp and talented marketer. She is extremely dedicated and has keen insight when setting marketing initiatives and goals. She is detail oriented and can multitask in all areas of marketing while managing a highly demanding marketing department. She is extremely personable and professional and has a high regard for her work and overall ethics. She is solution oriented and a problem solver and I would highly recommend her for a marketing role, which seeks a skilled professional. I would look forward to the opportunity to work with her again." (YMI Jeans, Director of Marketing)
- Dina De Fazio, REMAX Masters Realty

"A dedicated individual, Arica focuses her energies in the right place at the right time. Committed to getting a project done well the first time, she understands marketing on many levels. From web based promotions to consumer outreach, public relations to art direction, she has the experience of a well-rounded marketing executive and the passion of a young entrepreneur." 
- Lindsey Rosenberg, Cherryvale Farms

"Arica is detail oriented with an eye for style. She is very involved in every process of the job, and thoroughly completed every task that was handed to her. She worked with clients in a respectful way, at the same time bringing in new business to the company."
- Kate Donohew, Farfetch